About – Basic Training Gym

Welcome to Basic Training Gym!

Since 1993 we have been the premier training gym in Marlboro, New Jersey. We are dedicated to training and coaching each and every client on the countless benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Over the years we have led many people through our proven method, which combines exercise, nutritional counseling and one-on-one personal attention. The trainers at Basic Training Gym are certified and well qualified to handle your personal needs. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support and guide our clients through their journey. Your fitness goals become our goals and we will be with you every step of the way to you get you there….. and beyond!

With many different and new gyms in the area your choices are endless, but here at Basic Training Gym we are not like any other gym. You are NOT a number here! We pride ourselves in having created a friendly, high energy atmosphere that will stimulate, encourage and motivate you to push yourself to the next level. Our purpose is to coach and motivate each client to his or her optimal fitness levels and ensure lasting results.

The training that you will receive from our trainers is only part of the equation. It is NOT about a diet, it is NOT about being perfect, it IS about being the best YOU that you can be. It is about living a healthy lifestyle…..for life. We teach our clients the many different ways they can make little changes that will enable them to live a healthy lifestyle…. For ever!

I am Anthony C. Galiano, Fitness Counselor, C.P.T. I have dedicated my life to fitness and the owner of BASIC TRAINING GYM for the past 22 years. Your journey to health and fitness will begin with me. I will help you to assess where you are and what your goals are. I will design a meal plan especially for you. I will coach you and track your progress with weekly weigh-ins, periodic body measurements and body composition calculations. As your fitness level changes, so will your program. Along with your trainers, I will be with you during your entire journey. When you put your trust BASIC TRAINING GYM you become part of our family and your results become our results, your goals are OUR GOALS!

I hope you will choose to make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle with Basic Training Gym.